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    Can I receive CE credit for the training received to address in-offices protocol changes for the return-to-work due to COVID19?
    Yes. The Board will allow 2 hours of credit for dentists and dental hygienists for this live training. Documentation will be necessary for CE records in case of an audit.

    Can a Dental Assistant Take X-Rays without a radiology permit?
    Yes. An Assistant does not need any permit from the Dental or Radiology board to take x-rays in the dental office. However, the x-rays can only be intraoral (neck up), and cannot be taken for any other purposes or on other parts of the body.

    Can I take the Medical Emergencies Course for the General Supervision Permit online?
    Yes. Approved online courses for Medical Emergencies are accepted.

    How long do dental offices need to retain patient records?
    The WV Board does not have any specific rule for the amount of time records should be retained. We normally advise the individual with the question to discuss this with their attorney and or use their best judgment and research to determine what is appropriate for their type of practice and patient volume. Individuals with this question may also reference the ADA guidelines.

    When are CE’s due?
    Dental and Hygiene Licenses renew annually. However, CE’s are only due every two years. CE Reporting years always occur on even numbered years. For example, renewal year 2023 (license renewal due by 2/1/2023) is not a CE reporting year. Renewal year 2024 (license renewal due by 2/1/2024) is a CE reporting year.

    Can I take online CE courses?
    Yes. This is considered supervised self-instruction, and you can take up to 80% of your total required CE credits online. The course must have approved sponsorship. The course must also include a testing mechanism to demonstrate comprehension before the Board will award credit. Tests shall be graded by the sponsor and results returned to the licensee.

    Are live webinars considered live participation courses?
    If you register for and complete a course wherein you can interact with the instructor during a webinar, it is considered a live participation course.

    I am a newly licensed Dentist and do not prescribe controlled substances, do I need to take the required drug diversion CE?
    Yes. Dentists must take the required drug diversion CE within one year of licensure, there is no waiver for this requirement.

    How do I obtain a License Verification Letter or Letter of Good Standing for license applications in other states?
    Some licensees can request a verification via the Board's license verification search page. Once you find the name, click on Order Verification, and go through the steps to order and pay online. Or you can mail in a written request, or the Verification Letter Request Form provided by the Board along with a check for $23.00. In your request, please provide the exact address the letter should be mailed to.

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