West Virginia Board

Of Dental Examiners

PO Drawer 1459

Beckley, WV 25802

2000 Newsletter

Members of the Board

John C. Dixon, DDS, President

Bernard J. Grubler, DDS, Secretary

Thomas S. Wilkerson, DDS

H. Richard Marshall, Jr., DDS

George D. Conard, Jr., DDS

Dina Agnone Vaughan, BSDH, MS

Dolores L. Gribble, Consumer Member



Dr. H. Richard Marshall, Jr.

Dr. H. Richard Marshall, Jr. was appointed to the Board by Governor Underwood January 31, 2000. He is a general dentist and practices in Ronceverte. His term expires June 30, 2004.


Dr. George D. Conard, Jr.

Dr. George D. Conard, Jr. was re-appointed to the Board by Governor Underwood July 28, 2000. He is a general dentist and practices in Huntington. His second term expires June 30, 2005.


Renewals must be received in this office on or before the first day of February, 2001. If you do not meet the February 1 deadline your license is considered expired until it is received. This could cause problems with your malpractice insurance and you may not be covered during such a lapse.

As of September 11, 2000 the license population for the State of West Virginia was as follows:


Total Active Licenses 1,420 1,121

Total Retired Licenses 152 83

Total Practicing In State 802 610



Continuing education credits are required biennially for the renewal of a dental or dental hygiene license. Dentists are required to complete a total of 20 hours of continuing education with a mandated requirement of 3 hours infection control. Hygienists are required to complete a total of 12 hours of continuing education with a mandated requirement of 3 hours infection control.

The Board supplies a form with renewals every two years for these hours to be reported on. If you have recently received a letter concerning insufficient number of hours or the lack of infection control hours and have re-reported with a satisfactory number of hours - thank you.

If you have received such a letter and have not re-reported you must do so before renewing or along with your 2001 renewal. Your license will not be renewed until this requirement has been satisfied.


The Board of Dental Examiners conducted an audit of continuing education credits of 50 dentists and 50 hygienists.

Out of 50 hygienists, 50 replied to the audit and were in compliance.

Out of 50 dentists, 49 replied to the audit and were in compliance.

THANK YOU to all of those who were audited for your prompt replies and cooperation.


JANUARY 31, 2002

The current continuing education period started February 1, 2000 and will end January 31, 2002. During this time period Dentists must obtain 20 hours including 3 hours of infection control. Hygienists must obtain 12 hours including 3 hours of infection control.

You are exempt from this period if you graduated from Dental or Dental Hygiene school within one year prior to February 1, 2000 or during this period.

You are also exempt from continuing education reporting if you are RETIRED after 25 years of practice in the State of West Virginia and do not pay a license fee.

You are required by regulations to maintain and compile accurate records relating to all continuing education courses that are successfully completed. These records and information must be maintained for a period of six years.

The West Virginia Board of Dental Examiners shall randomly audit the continuing education records maintained by each dentist and dental hygienist.


The Board maintains the current office mailing address and home mailing address of all currently licensed dentists and hygienists. It is important that if either of a licensees addresses changes that they be reported to the Board in order to allow proficient mailing and receipt of documents issued by the Board.

Each dentist and hygienist must report to the Board a current address at which he or she may be corresponded with by mail. It is the responsibility of the licensee to remain in touch with the Board.


The Board receives many complaints that merit no disciplinary action by the Board, but are still cause for concern. Complaints often relate to fee disputes or dissatisfaction with services. Reviewing the following list could reduce the risk of a complaint being filed against you.

Know and abide by the West Virginia Dental Law and Legislative Rules.

Know your limitations, and practice within the area of your professional competence.

Assign to hygienists and assistants only those functions permitted by the law and legislative rules.

Make sure your advertising and promotional materials are in compliance with the law and legislative rules.

Discuss and provide patients with a written statement of office procedures including fees, payment expectations, insurance filing, management of pediatric patients, cancellations, and patient responsibilities.

Be specific with patients regarding the procedures you will be following and the meaning of various terms.

Maintain standard, legible, written notes on all patients.

Practice infection control at all times.

Train office personnel regarding information they are or are not authorized to discuss with the patient.

Make available to patients copies of their records. (note do not release original records - only copies) Charges not to exceed .75 per page and search fee not to exceed $10.00 per West Virginia Code 16-29-1 and 2.


It is a violation of the law to list yourself under specialty fields without a disclaimer unless you are a licensed specialist. Please be advised that the law states that if you call attention to a specialty field without being a licensed specialist this is also a violation of the law. Please note that when advertising in any manner or on letterhead only surnames may be used. The practice of dentistry can not take place under a firm, trade or any other name other than the true name(s) whether it is an individual, individuals, partnerships, corporations or professional limited liability companies.

Please note the Board is in the process of sending letters to those persons who are operating under a firm or trade name that is not the licensed dentist's true name and after a warning action will be taken against the licensed dentist. Please note this law is for the purpose of protecting the public in that the licensed dentist is personally answerable for the dental practice concerning the patients rights.

A prudent dentist considering any advertisement should ask: "Is this a factual statement? Could I prove it if I had to?"


All Corporations and PLLCs must first have Board approval before being submitted to the Secretary of State's office.

If you are an incorporator of a Corporation or organizer of a PLLC that is not registered with the West Virginia Board of Dental Examiners the same may not be in compliance with the West Virginia Dental Law and Legislative Rules. Therefore you must contact this office immediately by calling (304) 252-8266 or writing to us at PO Drawer 1459, Beckley, WV 25802-1459.

If you are interested in Incorporating or organizing a PLLC you may obtain an application and necessary information by calling us or writing us at the above mentioned phone number or address.


The National Practitioner Data Bank is a clearing house for adverse information concerning the professional competence and professional conduct of dentists, physicians, and other health care practitioners.

All State Boards of dentistry, boards of medical licensure, hospitals and insurance companies are required by law to submit adverse actions against health care providers to the Data Bank. While there has been some support on the federal level to amend the laws to allow information to be shared with consumers, information from the Data Bank is not available to the public at the current time.


James G. Anderson, III Executive Secretary

John F. Parkulo Assistant Executive Secretary

Susan M. Combs Office Manager

Bradford A. Vaughan Investigator

Dr. Donald E. Neil Investigator

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Fax # (304) 252-2779

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